Diabetic Retinal Examination Lethbridge

Diabetic Retinal Examination Lethbridge

Diabetic Retinal Examination Lethbridge

Individuals with diabetes are at a greater risk for retinopathy and vision loss than non diabetic individuals. If you are diabetic, be sure you get your eyes examined regularly so that you can minimize your risk of vision loss. Here at Lethbridge Eye Clinic we use retinal imaging to capture a detailed image of the retina, allowing us to perform a detailed and highly accurate inspection of the potentially affected area.

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If you are scheduled for a Diabetic Retinal Examination, please bring:

  • Any vision aids you have been using such as glasses, contacts and eye drops.
  • Medications (over-the-counter or prescription) and supplements.
  • A family history of significant medical conditions.
  • A record of your medical conditions and operations.
  • A record of recent eye injuries or eye surgeries.

We require records or recent eye injuries or surgeries so that we can compare them with the testing results and get the most accurate diagnosis possible.


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