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There are many instruments that an eye doctor might use in order to evaluate the eye and the vision system.

At Lethbridge eye clinic, we offer our patients the best in modern eye exam technology and are able to provide a range of eye health care services including:

Below is a list of some of the diagnostic equipment and technology our eye doctors use when performing your vision tests.

Visual Acuity Test

One of the first tests performed during a comprehensive eye exam is a visual acuity test, used to determine the sharpness of your vision.

How it works:

A standardized chart (known as a Snellen Chart) is placed 20 feet from you and you will be asked to read out loud the smallest line of letters you can see.

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A phoropter is an instrument used to test individual lenses on each eye during an exam and is often used if your eye doctor has discovered a vision problem such as nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism.

Phoropters are an ingenious way to quickly determine ‘refraction’ - exactly how a lens must be shaped and curved to correct your vision.

How it works:

By having you look through the phoropter at an eye chart on the wall, your eye doctor can determine the right eyewear prescription by rapidly switching between lenses until you find one that helps you see clearly.

Slit Lamp

The slit lamp is usually used during comprehensive eye exams. It can be used to check for any diseases or abnormalities in the anterior portion of the eye, including eyelids, lens, conjunctiva, iris and cornea.

How it works:

You will sit in a chair with the slit lamp placed in front of you. You will be asked to rest your chin and forehead on a support to keep your head steady. A yellow dye will be added to your eye, helping the doctor examine your cornea and tear layer

A slit lamp can be used for:

Glaucoma Testing

A slit lamp is central to testing for glaucoma. It can be used to measure the pressure of your eye and allow an eye doctor to perform an evaluation of the health of your optic nerve.

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Diabetic Retinopathy

With the help of dilated eye drops, the slit lamp will allow your eye doctor to examine certain structures within your eye including changes in the retina.

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Cataract Management

The slit lamp can be used to detect any clouding of the lens (cataracts) which is useful in the diagnosis and management of cataracts.

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Retinal Digital Imaging

At our Lethbridge eye clinic, we use a computer assisted digital retinal camera which enables us to provide a comprehensive record of the health of your eyes. This digital imaging assists in the early detection of ocular problems such as:

Want to Know More?

Our eye doctors are committed to providing you quality eye care and keeping your vision safe. To learn more, book a comprehensive eye examination today or contact our eye clinic at 403-327-4166.

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